Nervous Nellie blogger addressing the possibility of an all-streaming Oscar season (in comment thread): “When Damien Chazelle’s The Eddy hit, no one cared. It didn’t even cause a minor ripple. That seemed odd to me. We know Netflix built their house out of bricks and with Lisa Taback pushing the films they might reign supreme. But what will the competition be, and what will people care about, and why would anyone bother caring? My prediction is that it will go either way — either an uplifting musical like West Side Story might revive lethargy or something dark, political and angry might. I’m just wondering how bad it’s going to get, and how I’m going to make a living this year.”

Deadline‘s Pete Hammond: “I can only use the Emmy season so far as an example and it seems to be ‘business as usual’ this year. Print pubs are likely to be hit hardest as Netflix has announced it is going digital in terms of ads. I don’t get involved on the sales end, but if the studios can get content released, I am sure the usual hullabaloo will follow in all its forms. Content, as always is KING. That is the one potential factor separating Emmy season from Oscar this year. But assuming the movies are there (they really need just ten decent Oscar pics), the industry will find a way.”