Haven’t seen the latest Entertainment Weekly with the story about the most controversial films ever, but good for Nikki Finke having written that while she “has no real problems with EW‘s list, it’s as if only the post-Star Wars prequel generation came up with it.” If, in fact, EW is deliberately skewing its reporting toward a younger demographic (as they seem to be), they’re surrendering whatever cinematic historical authority points they may have accumulated in past years. The story reportedly leaves out Brokeback Mountain, and also blows off (according to Finke) Carnal Knowledge, Easy Rider, Straw Dogs, Apocalypse Now, I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang, Dr. Strangelove, Gentlemen’s Agreement, Bad Day at Black Rock, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Midnight Cowboy . “Not to mention the original Manchurian Candidate which after the JFK assassination was withdrawn from circulation for 25 years?,” Finke adds. “Or Song of the South, which is still Disney’s biggest embarrassment for showing “happy slaves” onscreen. And since they’re counting foreign films (Triumph of the Will is included), then where’s L’Age d’Or, for that matter? I could go on and on.” What about Birth of a Nation?