I was never completely smitten with Mark and Jay Duplass‘s Togetherness, but I was intrigued with all but one of the characters (the exception being Melanie Lynskey‘s Michelle Pierson, the downhead wife of Mark Duplass‘s Brett Pierson) and I always found it engagingly written and “real”. Honestly? I never watched it religiously because it was never, in my head, a priority. But I was glad it was happening and I’m sorry that HBO has killed it. The 4.10 Season 2 finale will wrap it up. HBO felt that the Season 2 numbers were too weak to continue (330,000 viewers per episode) but it would have been nice all the same if HBO had approved a third and final season. You could tell from Season 2 episodes that the Duplass brothers were still building and planting seeds and cruising within a middle-movement mentality, and that the real fireworks were being saved for Season 3.