Almost seven months later it’s finally been revealed why Aziz Ansari‘s Being Mortal stopped shooting last March and has never resumed, and costar Keke Palmer had nothing to do with it. 

It just didn’t seem logical or likely that a woman with considerably less power and status than Palmer could have made such a stink that the film was shut down. But that’s apparently what happened.

Puck’s Eriq Gardner has reported that the complainer was a “much younger” female production staffer whom costar Bill Murray “allegedly straddled and kissed through masks.”

After the anonymous woman lodged an official complaint, the parties entered mediation and eventually came to a settlement of just over $100,000.

Why the hell was this kept under wraps for over six months when so many people (myself included) were theorizing that by any rational industry mindset the complainer had to be Palmer? What exactly was the upside in keeping this touchy matter top secret for so long?

HE fully apologizes to Palmer for pointing to what seemed like a completely logical and likely assumption.