1. The report is basically bullshit.

2. Its findings have been disputed by more enlightened voices.

3. It’s been totally covered by the American media**.

4. And why are you so obsessed with this issue anyway, Jeff?

5. Do you really think Joe Biden wants genital mutilation for five-year-olds on demand?

All in all, the HE comment chorus has Cass Review supporters outflanked and boxed in six ways from Sunday.

Seriously, this is how progressive ditto-heads rationalize reality…

** In point of fact, places like the Times did an obligatory news piece, but they’ve done no reporting on the reaction and fallout in, you know, the United States.

And by the way….”Hilary Cass says criticism of gender care review ‘inaccurate’ and ‘unforgivable’,” filed on 4.20:

“The British doctor behind a landmark study into transgender treatment in the UK has called criticism of her research ‘inaccurate’ and ‘unforgivable’.”

“Dr. Hilary Cass told the Times she wished to address the ‘disinformation’ circulating about the findings and recommendations handed down by the Cass Review when it was published on April 10th.

“The physician also said she fears using public transport and for her personal safety after receiving online abuse in the wake of the report’s release.”