I was talking yesterday with Jett about creating a Hollywood Elsewhere iPad2 app. “Forget it — it’s not necessary and you can’t afford it,” he said. But a voice is telling me I can’t stand still and that I have to move into the iPad2 realm. “The site is fine as it is,” he replied. “The site is totally fine. It has a voice and a niche. You don’t need to do this.”

But with a larger iPad format I could introduce a permanent link to all the Oscar Poker podcasts with fast links to each one. “Okay,” he said. “I like the podcast. I listen to it every weekend.” And I could add a feature that highlights the best quotes and most popular stories at the end of every week. “You should do that for the site right now,” he replied. And I could compile a section that links to all articles that cover classic or otherwise older films on Bluray and DVD over the last 12 years. (In October I’ll have been doing an online column for 13 effing years.) And I could finally scan all the L.A. Times and Entertainment Weekly print articles from the ’90s and load them according to date, movie, topic or what-have-you.

“All good ideas but again, you can make these happen for the site right now,” Jett said. “But forget an iPad2 app. Designers cost way too much and you’d need a lot of daily maintenance.” I’m not so sure I have a choice, I said, no matter how hard or expensive it might be.