I was going to call this post “The Third Man” because the third Direct TV technician arrived today and left without doing anything because he hadn’t been told by Direct TV management to install a 4K-capable genie. He also said I’d need to make a fourth appointment for someone else to drop by and do that. “Actually, I don’t think so,” I said with a smile. “Thanks for your information but this is the absolute end of my 4K dealings with Direct TV. Go with God, have a good Sunday but this is it…I’m done.”

The first Direct TV guy was too hard to understand (thick-as-hummus Middle-Eastern accent) and then he wouldn’t let me talk to his supervisor.

The second Direct TV technician who visited three days ago (4.7) was an emotional infant who left without notice because he didn’t feel sufficiently loved and appreciated and because…what, I wasn’t radiating the right vibes? In fact I was sitting in the lotus position and listening to an Alan Watts CD when he walked in. Plus I was wearing a Mahatma Gandhi diaper and wore a look of cosmic serenity so I don’t know what else I could have done.

And then today’s guy came by and delivered zip…end of story.

I had pre-paid all the fees to the tune of over $400. I demanded and got a total refund today. I’m staying with Direct TV’s cheap-ass basic cable because it’s less than $10 a month but I will never pay for 4K TV service from these guys. The door has closed.

Here’s a Direct TV post: “What do I need to enjoy DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD, including 4K channels 104, 105, and 106? To enjoy DIRECTV 4K Ultra HD, you need the following:

(1) A Genie HD DVR (Model HR54 or later).
(2) A manufacturer-certified DIRECTV 4K Ready TV. If your 4K TV is not certified DIRECTV Ready, it will need to be connected to a 4K Genie Mini (C61K).
(3) Professional installation. Your 4K equipment must be installed by a DIRECTV technician. If you already have DIRECTV, please call (855) 630-1786 to schedule an installation appointment. If you don’t have DIRECTV, please call (866) 257-7817. Make sure your Internet is working before the technician arrives.
(4) An ULTIMATE or PREMIER package, which includes channels 104, 105 and 106.