According to a just-posted Gold Derby chart, the leading contenders for Best Supporting Actor are, in this order, Spotlight‘s Michael Keaton (sure), Beast of No Nation‘s Idris Elba (of course), Bridge of SpiesMark Rylance (probably the favorite to win), Spotlight‘s Mark Ruffalo (full agreement but if he and Keaton are both nominated they’ll cancel each other out) and…The Revenant‘s Tom Hardy? Sez who? Based on what? And Love & Mercy‘s Paul Dano is in sixth place?

Will you wake up, please? Paul Dano should be in the #1 spot among all the potential BSA nominees. Ask the Movie Godz — his inhabiting of Brian Wilson is/was the stuff of legend…period. Stop this ridiculous “yeah but Love & Mercy came out last summer and Roadside isn’t a regular Oscar player” crap. Hardy out for now, Keaton or Ruffalo but not both, Rylance in, Elba probably…Dano is in.