Whatever drug Joe Biden was on during his State of the Nation address (adderall?), HE is hoping he injects an even stronger dose of the stuff for Thursday night’s debate.

As furious as I am about Withered Joe not quitting and allowing a younger Democrat to run in his place, I want him to “win” on Thursday and certainly defeat The Beast in November.

I suspect that the no-interruptions rule (i.e., if it’s not Trump or Biden’s turn to speak, their microphone will be silenced) will favor Biden. If this mike-cutoff system wasn’t in place Trump would just blather on in an attempt to roughly elbow aside Biden. Trump needs the blathering personality factor — being restricted to concise statements of alleged fact is not going to help him.

If Biden manages to speak clearly and firmly and repeatedly calls out Trump on his proven criminality and psychopathic contempt for democracy, he’ll look like a “winner.”

But if Trump out-vigors him — if he conveys more strength by way of an impudent snappiness of mind and a defiant piss-hound attitude —- Joe will be all but finished.

Joe needs to bitchslap Trump’s fat ass — he needs to crack the whip hard. He needs to say over and over what we all know, which is that Trump is an animal.

And one other thing: Joe needs to tell voters that he understands why many of them want a chronic liar and convicted felon to return to the Presidency. It’s because Trump is against the wokesters (i.e., the “POCs and lesbians and trannies and male-despising women are God’s Angels” gang….the “we support kids getting hormone blockers and cutting their dicks off” fraternity…the “all white males are bad and need to be punished” crowd) and they want somebody to kick their asses.