Atom Egoyan’s ongoing search for his own best form makes no real breakthrough in Remember, a state-hopping Nazi-hunt mystery that puts a creditably sincere spin on material that is silly at best. At worst, tyro writer Benjamin August’s screenplay is a crass attempt to fashion a Memento-style puzzle narrative from post-Holocaust trauma. Toggling variables of disguised identity and dementia, as Christopher Plummer’s ailing German widower travels across North America in search of the camp commander he recalls from his time in Auschwitz, the pic is riddled with lapses in logic even before a stakes-shifting twist that many viewers might see coming. Crafted in utilitarian fashion by Egoyan, Remember does little to earn the poignancy of Plummer’s stricken performance.” — from a 9.10 Variety review by the often accommodating Guy Lodge.

Angel Heart opened 28 1/2 years ago? Jesus God. I remember being mostly impressed after seeing it at the Westwood Village and talking with friends afterwards and everyone discussing the changes that were happening in the cop/private eye realms.