Why would any semi-healthy person want to watch a brand-new, grosser-than-the-original I Spit On Your Grave? What kind of animal wants to watch cartoony yee-haw woman-haters humiliate an actress and then watch her get some payback by going all medieval Antichrist on their asses? Who’s the audience? Under-20 lowlife males and who else?

Scurvy violent scumbags in violent movies are always, always played by actors with no talent or crude chops. And if they have anything good to show they aren’t allowed to make use of it. Jeff Goldblum played one of Hope Lange‘s rapists in Death Wish, and he was nothing but a faceless fiend with a shaved head.

Here’s Roger Ebert‘s 7.16.80 review of the original I Spit On Your Grave, directed by Meir Zarchi.