It’s getting so crazy now that I barely have time to file about the Sundance films I’ve seen and make the next film I want/need to see. It’s 2:45 pm and I have a 3:30 pm screening of Simon Killer at the Eccles…which gives me 15 minutes to wrap things up.

This morning I caught the 8:30 am screening of Amy Berg and Peter Jackson‘s West of Memphis — a completely solid and compelling doc about the West Memphis 3 that never drags and feels vital and necessary every step of the way. I…Jesus, 12 minutes to go! Homina, homina, homina. I agree entirely with John DeFore‘s Hollywood Reporter review…how abotu that?

I went right over to the Prospector Square Cinema after Memphis to catch an 11:30 am screening of Destin Daniel Cretton‘s I’m Not a Hipster, an absorbing, emotionally balanced, nicely written and well acted character drama about a scowling San Diego hipster-musician (played by the darkly charismatic Dominic Bogart) who comes to an emotional reckoning when his sisters and father visit town to dispose of his recently deceased mother’s ashes. Six minutes to go but Hipster is a smart, believable, honestly realized indie pic. Not “entertaining,” per se, but straight and true.

I’m outta here…