I watched last night’s Mad Men episode (i.e., fat Betty might have cancer…whoops, false alarm) and heard Don Draper say that the Rolling Stones did a commercial “for cereal in England…three years ago” (i.e., 1963). Until this morning, I never knew it was actually true.

YouTube comments so far….

“Wake up in the morning, holy fuck this ad sucks. Wake up in the morning, Mick Jagger‘s such a schmuck. Wake up in the morning, this should have ended the Stones’ careers. Wake up in the morning, Rice Krispies can suck a dick.”

“I just lost all respect for the Stones. Damn you, Mad Men!”

“I always knew they were fucking idiots, but this proves it. At least other pop stars do ads for beer or cars. These guys do it for rice filled with air at $5 per pound. You can buy steak for that.”