In the bad old days scenes with a woman saying “no…no…I mean it, no!…get out…dammit, no!…oh, all right” used to be regarded as pretty hot. Our politically correct culture has forbidden any savoring of this kind of thing as it now feels too close to date rape or worse. Maybe the women who say no and then yes don’t exist any more. But there was a British lady I knew in the mid ’80s who went there from time to time. She never said “no” exactly but she liked to maintain a certain reserve or decorum. In her mind she saw herself, accurately, as smart and well-ordered but…I guess what I’m saying is that she didn’t trust the inner beast. She held herself in check. But the beast always came out of the cave. I won’t repeat what she said one night, but it was another way of saying “if I was a stronger and more disciplined and well-mannered person I wouldn’t succumb to this crude animalistic writhing but God help me, I can’t fight it.”