I didn’t see this Midnight Rider tragedy train video when it popped about ten days ago. It appears that a description of the accident provided by hair stylist Joyce Gilliard to The Hollywood Reporter‘s Scott Johnson in a 3.4.14 article was inaccurate. The video shows that the edge of the Altamaha river was a good distance from the point of impact. Gilliard’s experience as related by Johnson: “With the train howling past just inches behind her, Gilliard threw herself onto two metal wires that stretched between the girders and along the gangplank, thrust her head out over the river below” –not! — “and shut her eyes.” There goes my Butch-and-Sundance theory, but I’ll tell you what I would have done if I’d been under that trestle and had suddenly seen that train coming. I would have teamed with another crew person and thrown that bed over the side like that.