I have two chances to catch Dial Code Santa Claus at the Alama Drafthouse Brooklyn — on Wednesday, 12.19 or Sunday, 12.23. But on both days they’re showing it only once at 10 pm, obviously because they think it’ll appeal more to a midnight crowd. That view isn’t shared by the programmers at Hollywood’s American Cinematheque, which is screening it on 12.19 at 7:30 pm.

From the Alamo press release: “Dial Code Santa Claus (’89) actually pre-dated Home Alone, annihilating a generation of French kids weaned on action-packed Christmastime gems such as Gremlins and Die Hard. It disturbed critics and the moviegoing public with its uncompromising look beneath the surface of the beloved holiday. From there, the film went on to worldwide distribution except in the U.S., where it had yet to see an official release until now.

“The French-made film had its North American Premiere this year at Fantastic Fest, where it thrilled audiences and critics alike,” blah blah.

I’ll probably wind up hating it, but I feel strangely attracted to the idea of catching it anyway.