Here‘s a gripping piece by N.Y. Times writer Juan Forero (it ran last Sunday, 2.26) about 32 year-old Rachel Boynton‘s just- opened documentary Our Brand of Crisis (Koch Lorber), a behind-the-scenes look at how U.S. campaign strategists (including James Carville) helped the faltering campaign of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada during a run for president of Bolivia in 2002. Boynton asks “whether Mr. Carville and company, in selling a pro-globalization, pro-American candidate, can export American-style campaigning and values to a country so fundamentally different from the United States,” Forero writes. “I wanted to make clear that this is a story that does not happen just in Bolivia but all over the world,” Boynton tells him. “I’m much more interested about the consultants as a symbol for us, as a symbol for America and American assumptions. I chose the subjects because I wanted to explore America’s relationship with the rest of the world.” Sanchez de Lozada was elected, but left office 14 months later after protests rocked Bolivia to its foundations. Evo Morales, the leader of Bolivia’s coca growers, was elected to the Bolivian presidency two months ago (12.05) in a landslide.