Here’s a nicely written Roman Polanski interview piece by the Guardian‘s Sue Summers. I’m now into catching Oliver Twist, which I didn’t feel like making an effort to see during the Toronto Film Festival. Polanski doesn’t like to sit down with journalists. I tried to speak with him in Paris in ’02 when the Oscar chances of The Pianist were looking uncertain, but he woudn’t do it. Something tells me if Summers had been a fat balding male, the sit-down might not have happened. And it’s a tiny bit curious that Summers pretty much blows the privacy thing with this graph: “A week later I am sitting opposite Polanski in L’avenue, a trendy restaurant situated among the Guccis and Chloes of smart Avenue Montaigne, just next door to where he lives with his third wife, the 39-year-old French actress Emmanuelle Seigner, and their two children, Morgane, 12 and Elvis, 7.”