Here’s an amusing New York Times piece by Peter Edidin about typographers and graphic designers complaining about period movies (like George Clooney’s Good Night, and Good Luck) using the wrong typeface for signs and such. It mentions a similar obsession that hairdressers probably have about the wrong styles used. I used to complain about movies using the wrong (or slightly fudged) period haircuts, but I stopped thinking about it. Jack Black and Adrien Brody’s early 1930s haircuts in King Kong are way too hairy. Haircuts were quite short and tidy back then, but Black and Brody are wearing hair styles that would have been considered a little bit too long in the early 60s. Five’ll get you ten Black, Brody and director Peter Jackson figured that too-short early 1930s hair would make them look dorky, so they all said, “Screw it.”