Here’s the first right-wing film critic attack upon V for Vendetta, appearing on Jason Apuzzo‘s Liberty Film Festival site. (It’s odd that the author doesn’t use his own name, going instead by the moniker “the Road Warrior”…what’s that about?) One thing I agree with: V is set in a vaguely futuristic England, but “is very much about America here and now.” Yes! The diversion is RW’s view that the film is “a paranoid, left-wing fever dream of what America is here and now…a psychological study of left-wing projection and paranoia. Needless to say, [it] is everything it accuses the government within the film of being: fear-mongering, deceitful, hateful, and propagandistic. This irony, unfortunately, seems to be lost on director James McTeigue and writers Andy and Larry Wachowski (who adapted Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s graphic novel).” RW is an intelligent fellow, but my God, it’s amazing sometimes how bright people can look at a strong, go-for-broke film like V for Vendetta and come away with such wildly different reactions. Here, again, is my 1.12 review, which is reiterated in the column article below called “Vendetta Dissent.”