Here’s what Glenn Sumi of Now, the Toronto weekly, is saying about Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain: “This eagerly anticipated film, based on Anne Proulx’s short story, tracks the decades-long love affair between two cowboys. Jack Twist (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis Del Mar (Heath Ledger) meet and eventually merge while herding sheep on a mountain, and though both get married and live in different states, they occasionally hook up to go ‘fishing,’ although that’s not enough for Jack, the more needy of the two. After all the thinly veiled homo-eroticism in westerns, there’s something cathartic about seeing men go homo on the range, and Ledger and Gyllenhaal give it their best, physically and emotionally. The theme of unfulfilled love never misses, and it’s handled with taste and restraint. But like all of Lee’s films, the pace occasionally lags and the pic could easily be 15 minutes shorter.”