As a lifelong fan of Ian Dury and the Blockheads’ “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick“, which came out in ’79 or ’80, I’m naturally keen on seeing Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll, a British-made biopic with Andy Serkis as Dury. Directed by Mat Whitecross from a screenplay by Paul Viragh, it’ll probably turn up in Cannes next May…although one can always hope for Sundance ’10.

Andy Serkis (I think) as Ian Dury in Sex & Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll.

If you’ve never heard “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”, please give it a listen.

I’m actually going to try to speak to Whitecross or Viragh during next week’s Fantastic Mr. Fox London press-junket visit. If they’re around, I obviously mean. (As well as try to see Michael Caine‘s Harry Brown, which opens in London next month but which I missed at last month’s Toronto Film Festival.)

Serkis’s costars include Naomie Harris, Ray Winstone, Olivia Williams, Bill Milner, Toby Jones, Noel Clarke and Mackenzie Crool.

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