Last night I attended a Green Book screening + after-party on Mt. Olympus Drive. Director-cowriter Peter Farrelly was there; ditto costars Linda Cardellini and Joe Cortese. A pleasant time was had by all.

I was talking to Film Threat‘s Chris Gore about the prevailing climate of woke political terror, which we both despise, and about my being denied a press pass for Sundance ’19 for insufficient woke-itude. In a flash of inspiration Chris told me I needed to create my own Sundance pass with “rejected” stamped across it.

I went right home and sent snaps of my 2016 Sundance press express pass to HE’s own Mark Frenden, the Chicago-based designer who created that HE-stamped American Friend poster I love so much. This morning he sent me my new pass, which I think is dead perfect. This weekend I’ll print it out at Kinko’s. I intend to wear this pass around my neck during my whole forthcoming Park City visit (1.22 to 1.31).