Like I said on 8.7, mother! may be “some kind of pervy, bloody-lightbulb descendant of Rosemary’s Baby. JLaw is Rosemary, Javier Bardem is Guy Woodhouse, and Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are sexualized versions of Roman and Minnie Castevet.” Yesterday’s release of this poster obviously emphasizes the Ira Levin connection.


Arguably one of the greatest New Line releases ever — a brilliant concept (slimey bug alien takes over a series of human hosts, turns them into heavy-metal freaks with a lust for hot cars and high speeds) that fed into a kind of lunatic horror comedy, and one that not only captured or reflected the mood of late ’80s indie-fuck-all Hollywood but the general coarsening of the culture.  Credit is due to director Jack Sholder before anyone else.  The Bluray is coming from Warner Archive.