Telluride Fact #1: I was in a Tellluride market a couple of hours ago and ran into Elizabeth Berkley and her husband Greg Lauren. (They’re here to attend the Sunday wedding of Andrew Lauren and Lauren Bush .) And she said that Johnny Depp is here. Telluride Fact #2: A connected indie film guy told me he’s heard that Depp’s Rum Diary is one of the not-yet-announced secret screenings. Do the math = maybe.

The Patron Brunch, to which I’ve been invited, is tomorrow morning from 10:30 am to 12 noon. Tomorrow’s films: (a) The Turin Horse (2:30 pm, Palm); (b) Living In the Material World (6 pm, Palm — Martin Scorsese isn’t here); (c) Albert Nobbs (9:15 pm, Galaxy).