Fear Me Not director and cowriter Kristian Levring (l.), IFC Films Ryan Werner (r.) at last night’s dinner at Freeman’s Sporting Club, which is near the Bowery and just off Rivington. Thanks to IFC and 42West for inviting me. Freeman’s is a nicely atmospheric, 19th Century-styled eating and drinking place.

A relatively new turn in women’s footwear, I was told last night. The only thing you need to avoid are shoes of this type with flesh-colored straps, which tend to resemble Ace bandages.

What kind of person would buy a soft drink or a Big Mac or a pack of smokes and then just toss the cup or empty cardboard container into a 42nd Street gutter? I’ve walked the 42nd Street corridor between 7th Avenue/Broadway and 8th Avenue dozens of times, and I’m telling you it’s Animal Row every night starting around 10 pm, especially now with the warm weather.