Everybody has an idiotic high-school incident or two (or three or four) that they’d rather forget about so it’s a little below-the-belt for Washington Post reporter Jason Horowitz to dredge up an embarassing episode from Mitt Romney‘s past, which occured in 1965 at Michigan’s Cranbrook School. But hold on — this was a homophobic incident in which Romney, aided by jerkwad friends, clipped off the blonde hair of a guy named John Lauber because his hair style seemed effeminate. And that makes it fair game because only major-league asshats pull stuff like this.

And for this story to come out in the wake of President Obama’s statement of support of gay marriage? Excellent timing.

I know (or knew) all about high-school bullies picking on guys because they didn’t act right or dress in the right way or whatever. I tasted some of this first-hand because I was quirky and theatrical. And now we know that Romney was one of these fucking guys.

Romney was just asked about this incident and apologized for it, naturally, but I think we all know that if you’ve acted like a serious dick in high school you’ve pretty much flown your colors and you won’t change. Not really. You’ll modify and clean yourself up, but you are who you are. As we get older we learn how to hide our unappealing stuff so it’s meaningless for a guy Romney’s age to say “I’m sorry,” “I was wrong” and “that wasn’t cool.” The point is that he was arrogant enough to pin the guy down and cut his hair off in the first place.

This is the second significant character incident that will dog Romney between now and November 6th — this and the dog on the top of the station wagon.