1517 people died from drowning and hypothermia when RMS Titanic went down on 4.15.12, but how many could have been saved if two things had happened? One, the ship should have turned around and gone back to the iceberg so people splashing around in the sea could have climbed onto it and waited to be rescued. And two, large wooden dinner tables and such should have been thrown into the sea for people to float on.

There’s no denying that at least some people could have survived if they’d climbed onto the iceberg and huddled there and waited. A few dozen could have managed this, at least. And floating on wooden banquet tables and cabinets and armoires and such could have surely saved dozens more from hypothermia.

A lot of old familiar stuff will return with the 4.4 debut of Titanic 3D, and this is an old thread of my own.