An hour from now (3 pm) I’ll be sitting down with Ridley Scott‘s All The Money In The World (Sony, 12.25), followed by a Scott q & a and then a sip-and-munch reception. Reactions are embargo’ed until Tuesday, 12.19, but I’m saying this again loud and clear to all responsible parties — don’t destroy or hide the Kevin Spacey footage. Please incldue it on the ATMITW Bluray.

Sony and Scott didn’t decide to re-shoot Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer over aesthetic difficulties with Spacey’s performance. They did this due to understandable political reasons, but it’s not the craziest notion in the world that five or ten or perhaps 20 years hence Spacey might not be considered a total pariah, as he is now. History insists that Scott and Sony preserve Spacey’s performance and let history consider the merit of what he delivered.