I was standing outside a pizza joint on 71st and Broadway and just gazing around and loving the way New York makes me feel. Sometimes it feels assaultive or I feel too whipped to engage, but rarely. Every time I step outside and hit the street it’s like being part of an unruly world-class orchestra. Just being here is enough. Most experiences seem to fade a bit as you get older but the old streets-of-Manhattan rumble feels exactly the same as it did when I was 13. The twee Brooklyn vibe isn’t the same. I love the way Manhattan energy ignores you and pushes in at the same time…the din and the smell and the way you just want to walk for hours or maybe forever. Which I do every time I’m here. It’s not that walking feels less attractive in Los Angeles but all I ever seem to do there is ride my scooter. When I have time to kill, I mean. I walk more on 24 Hour Fitness treadmills there than I do on the streets.