Hmmm….a moderately interesting piece by the N.Y. Times‘ Sharon Waxman about a recent visit to the set of Paul Weitz’s American Dreamz, a $19 million political satire that will stick it to Team Bush. My first thought was that the film could date very quickly, depending on what happens in the news…but maybe not. Dennis Quaid is playing a “clueless, if good-hearted head of state named Staton…Marcia Gay Harden plays his Laura-like wife who calls him ‘Poopie’…Willem Dafoe, a senior presidential adviser of the Karl Rove kind, gives the president ‘happy pills’ and fits him with an earpiece…Hugh Grant stars as the gratuitously nasty host of a popular television singing contest called ‘American Dreamz.’ And a novice actor, Sam Golzari, plays Omer, a suicide bomber with a penchant for American show tunes.” Weitz tells Waxman, “If people don’t have anything to say about [this film], it will be really disappointing.” Get it out soon, fellas!