Indiewire‘s Anne Thompson “loved” Ad Astra? You can’t say that. You can like Ad Astra. You can respect it. You can salute the ambition and the FX (except for the refusal of Brad Pitt‘s tears to float around his face). But you can’t say you “love” Ad Astra. Well, you can, but that’s an awfully perverse thing to say. It’s just not that kind of film…c’mon.

She also asserts that Brad Pitt‘s performance as Major Roy McBride is an Oscar-worthy thing. It might be worthy but it’s not going to register with the Gold Derby gang, trust me. Especially after Ad Astra tanks at the box-office.

I for one am….well, surprised that Sasha Stone has sided with the “whoo-hoo!” crowd on JoJo Rabbit, which she saw yesterday on the 20th Century Fox lot. This is a film, remember, that has a 53% rating on Metacritic.

Eric Kohn on Jojo Rabbit and the split between critics and the squealing throngs who gave it the Toronto People’s Choice Award: “The characters of the Nazis are not particularly meaningful…the satire with really broad charicature…consistent work from Watiti…it’s accomplished or risky but not necessarily successful….I’ll be curious to see how Jojo fares as more and more critics see it…Jojo was not a movie that all critics didn’t like…it’s divided…it’s around 50% on Metacritic…on a Bohemian Rhapsody scale of quality, Jojo Rabbit is basically Citizen Kane…I still think that [for a Holocaust comedy] it’s taking some incredibly advanced tonal swings.”