It began sometime last night. I can feel it all the more this morning. Nothing you can point your finger at but it’s here, and it won’t leave for another 13 days. It’s that Xmas feeling of enervation. Today will be just fine and the weekend will be cool, but all next week and Monday and Tuesday of the following week it’ll be a kind of power-down for those who live for the hum of commerce. It’s not “bah, humbug.” It’s “bah, I miss the action.”

I’ll be enduring my holiday coma with a little 2012 summing-up time, extra-exercise time, too-much-food time, screener-watching time, Bluray time (particularly those two Twilight Zone Bluray sets I own), Sundance-list-compiling time.

Holiday slumbers are fine for most people (it’s good for the soul to feel irritated by in-laws), but they always bring me down a bit and I always feel terrific when they recede. Honestly? If I could fast-forward through January 2nd I almost would.

I’m not drawing an analogy between Xmas stoppage and that thick green fog that crawls through the streets in The Ten Commandments — this isn’t a death scenario — but that hazy mist that floats in from the sea in The Incredible Shrinking Man or the poppy field that puts Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion to sleep on their way to Emerald City. Next week I’ll be the Scarecrow yelling “help! help!”