Yesterday a certain “friendo “and I decided to launch Hollywood Anonymous — a Substack composed of anonymously written reportage about what Hollywood life is actually like these days in terms of production, distribution, casting, financing, publicity, Hollywood-angled journalism, fleeting social alliances, ferreting out the insufficiently woke and so on.

The kind of “this is how things really are these days” articles that people aren’t allowed to write at publications anymore. No names attached, of course. No hints, no allusions, no nothin’.

“In this, a time of glorious and necessary change, progressive revolutionary terror and threatened wokelisting (i.e., cancellation), the only way that anxious human truths and honest sagas can be fully and unapologetically shared is anonymously, hence this site…”

In addition to the HE paywall thing (the particulars of which I’m still scratching my head over), it’ll be my task to persuade certain parties to submit essays about anything and everything, as long as it has something to do with how this town currently runs. We’ll try and launch within a few weeks, and then we’ll see how it goes.