Hollywood Elsewhere’s main page is going to be changed, I decided today. In a week or two it’ll become just a series of paragraph blocks — the beginnings of WIRED items mostly, along with the beginnings of regular features. Bang-bang, rat-a-tat-tat. Each paragraph will have jumps taking readers to a page where either the WIRED item of the feature story will appear in their entirety. And yet the current format of the main page will continue; the difference is that it’ll be called “Hollywood Elsewhere Classic” and you’ll have to click on a Nav Tab bar on the top left to get to it. I’ve been fairly happy with the main front page all along, but enough people have told me they’d prefer something a bit different. And so the change. I’m okay with all this because (a) I’ll get more page views and more ad action, and (b) I’m not destroying what the site is now — I’m just adding to it and shifting things around.