Hollywood Wiretap has relayed a surprising trashing of Martin Scorsese‘s modus operandi these days as well as his forthcoming The Departed, not from some renegade blogger but from the deeply respected cinematographer Christopher Doyle. Doyle reportedly spoke to Hong Kong-based writer Saul Symonds, and his comments were passed along by Grady Hendrix, who writes an Asian film blog for Variety. Doyle is quoted as saying that “it makes me very sad to see Marty and so many others genre-fying and gentrifying himself into mediocrity. Granted, mediocre is not just a Western ailment…but it would seem the disease is malign and endemic.” This is a variation of a criticism that many have thrown at Scorsese over the last ten years or so (starting with his Daniel Day Lewis doilies-and-cufflinks movie), but to hear it from Doyle, who served as visual consultant on Infernal Affairs, the Hong Kong police drama that The Departed is based upon, is more than a bit startling.