Hey, there’s going to be a Cannes Film Festival showiing of the original 3-D version of Hondo, the 1953 John Wayne western that John Farrow (i.e., father of Mia) directed, with Geraldine Page, Lee Ackers and Ward Bond costarring. I’ve never seen it, much less in the original 3-D process. All I know is that it’s (a) well photographed and (b) not considered to be on the same level as Red River, The Searchers, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon or Rio Bravo. Has anyone seen it and is there any kind of consensus?

An actual 3-D image from Hondo, with (l. to r,) Lee Ackers, Geraldine Page, John Wayne and Ward Bond

The Hondo screening will be part of Cannes Film Festival’s Cannes Classics program that Martin Scorsese will be introducing and photo-opping for. Jane Fonda will drop by on Friday, 5.26 for a special screening of Sydney Lumet’s Twelve Angry Men, which her rather Henry produced and starred in.