Any predictions on how soon we’re going to read a Variety announcement about a forthcoming animated Horny Manatee movie, complete with a quest-for-the-perfect-sexual-partner plotline written by Judd Apatow or Sacha Baron Cohen along with expectations of stars (Julia Roberts? Gregg Kinnear?) voicing Manatee dialogue (not to mention groans)?

I’m referring to N.Y. Times writer Jacques Steinberg‘s report that by Monday afternoon (12.11) “ — created by Conan O’Brien‘s staff and featuring images of such supposedly forbidden acts as ‘Manatee-on-Manatee’ sex (using characters in costumes) — had received approximately 3 million hits, according to NBC. Meanwhile several thousand of Mr. O’Brien’s viewers have also responded to his subsequent on-air pleas that they submit artwork and other material inspired by the aquatic mammals, and the romantic and sexual shenanigans they imagine, to the e-mail address”