Variety‘s Tatiana Siegel and Andrew Stewart are reporting that Michel Gondry‘s The Green Hornet is not only “going 3D” but being bumped from 12.22.10 to 1.14.11 — “the slower Martin Luther King weekend.”

“The studio bristled at the notion that bad buzz surrounding the project played a role in its decision to abandon one of choicest days on the box office calendar,” they’ve written. “Instead, Sony said that once the decision was made to incorporate 3D during the production process, Green Hornet needed to find a frame with sufficient digital screens.”

Here’s what my guy says: “Sony is not merely converting The Green Hornet into 3-D, but rewriting and reshooting sizable chunks of the movie. The action sequences don’t cut together and [are saddled with comprehension issues]. This isn’t a conversion — it’s an overhaul using 3-D as a smokescreen.”