The last time Tatyana and I went hiking in Sullivan Canyon was almost exactly two years ago. We returned yesterday afternoon around 3:30 pm. We walked up Old Ranch Road, eyeballing the various horse stables and handsome ranch-style homes, and then up a horse trail to the woodsy Sullivan Canyon area, which goes on and on. A small number of industry folk live on Old Ranch Raod. (We spotted two walking their dogs.)

We started out with masks and gloves but it became too hot to wear them, especially as we hiked uphill. We ran into some other maskless hikers but we all kept our distance.

Speaking of masks, gloves and industry folk, hugs and sympathy to friends and fans of dp Allen Daviau, the Spielberg pally who shot E.T,, the Extra-Terrestrial, The Color Purple, Empire of the Sun, Avalon, Bugsy, Defending Your Life and Fearless. He died yesterday of coronavirus, at age 77.