It just hit me that Brad Silberling‘s Land of the Lost (Universal, 6.5) will be gradually boosting its media presence over the next few weeks, and deserves… well, a semblance of acknowledgement. The final two weeks of hype will commence near the end of the Cannes Film Festival, and then during my annual 9-day roamaround so my attention will be compromised. Except there’s nothing to say about something like this…is there? The less said the better. Just shut up.

Big-studio effects-driven comedies are all the same mish-mash. They pay the bills and nobody cares. Will Ferrell + Silberling (whom I wrote off 14 years ago after suffering through Casper) + Danny McBride + CG dinosaurs means big box-office and a mass coast-to-coast bendover. It’s the kind of of movie in which you need to cut a hole in the bottom of the cardboard popcorn container and do a Mickey Rourke-in-Diner move, just to get a reaction. From anyone. Because films like Land of the Lost have a tendency to make the world seem flatter and less full. I’ll pay to see it if I miss the screenings because I’m as much of a slave as anyone else.