This morning the social momentum in favor of gay marriage found fruition in the form of a landmark decision from the Supreme Court. The Supremes have had quite a week. A day or two ago they upheld key provisions of Obamacare, and this morning they’ve ruled 5-to-4 to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states. The liberal legacy of Barack Obama is locked and ratified. We all have something to celebrate tonight while rural rightie homophobes are, I hope, cussing and punching their refrigerator doors and dropping to their knees in despair, crying and clutching their Bibles. Marriage is no cool breeze, no picnic, no walk in the park. A good one requires loads of work and the stamina of a plow horse (especially sexually), but it sure takes you out of yourself. It’s nice to pool your resources (financial, spiritual) and to watch your significant other’s back from time to time, to have someone to share chores with and to argue with about this or that. And it’s profoundly calming to have someone to shop at Pavilions with on Sundays.