With Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Morrone having parted ways, Leo has reaffirmed a lifelong pattern — no girlfriends over 25, and certainly no marriage or kids.

My guess is that he’ll finally tie the knot somewhere in his early to mid 50s, which is usually when hounds start to realize that older guys constantly sniffing around is déclassé. Warren Beatty got married in ‘92, when he was 55. George Clooney said “I do” in ‘14, at age 53.

I heard many years ago that young DiCaprio told Beatty at a party, “I’m gonna break your record.” (Beatty denied it but it’s a great anecdote.) I’m guessing the Killers of the Flower Moon star will follow the Beatty bridal path also. Leo turns 48 in November, and the clock will start ticking faster and faster. HE envisions a modest wedding in Italy sometime in ‘27 or ‘28, certainly no later than ‘30.