For the last two days torrential rains had been predicted to hit the Hoi An region by Thursday noon, but all that’s happened so far (it’s now 3 am Friday — woke up and can’t sleep) has been strong winds and rough seas. Well, we had warm temps and sunshine late Wednesday, at least. We had a tasty lunch in Hoi An Thursday afternoon, and then scootered back to the hotel for a brief nap before dinner. The brief nap turned into six hours of fully-clothed, lights-on shuteye, and now it’s just me, the winds, the darkness and CNN/BBC World reports on the TV. One more full day here, and then a flight back to Hanoi Saturday morning. Update: Jett informs that heavy rain in fact arrived around 10 pm last night, when I was fast asleep.

Suede travel bag, purchased today in Hoi An for $100 U.S. Nice color, style — would sell for an easy $350 or $400 in Los Angeles.

If I knew why this video is silent, I would try to restore it. You can hear the surf when I watch it on the iPhone but whatever. Taken around 5 pm Thursday.