I’ve always hated comic book films, but especially the DC Universe and particularly the Superman movies. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Take the brand out of the refrigerator, re-heat in a copper frying pan ad infinitum. The idea of another origin film or a young Superman film…suffocate me with a pillow.

Alas, James Gunn and Peter Safran are determined to bludgeon the remaining fan base into numbed submission. Plus they’ve deep-sixed poor Henry Cavill, 39. Jettisoned over being too old, I guess.

In keeping with the general industry sensibility of the last few years of de-emphasizing, degrading or ignoring whiteness, one wonders if Gunn and Safran’s new Superman will be gay, Black, Latinx or trans whatever? Or will Gunn-Safran go “wait, we have to be ahead of the curve…popcorn inhalers have hated woke stuff all along and woke has generally been losing money hand over fist and Joe Popcorn wants traditional guy stuff anyway to let’s hire a younger Cavill type…”

The same rationale applies to casting the new James Bond, a role that would fit Cavill like a glove.