From “Holiday vs. Scorsese,” posted on 12.23.13:

Hope Holiday (The Apartment, Irma la Douce, The Rounders) has stormed back into the world of show business with a Sunday morning Facebook post that attacks The Wolf of Wall Street, which she’d seen the night before.

Three hours of torture,” she calls it. “Same disgusting crap over and over again. After the film they had a discussion which a lot of us did not stay for. The elevator doors opened and Leonardo [DiCaprio], Martin [Scorsese] and a few others got out. [And] then a screenwriter ran over to them and started screaming “shame on you…disgusting.”

“As the screenwriter went into his tirade, ‘I stood there with my mouth hanging open and then joined in, [saying] ‘you ought be ashamed of yourself,” Hope reports. ‘Talented men putting such junk on the screen and thinking it was funny. A fight almost ensued. I ran down the stairs. Some people liked it but most didn’t. I hated it. What egos! The least they could have done was cut an hour out of it. Then I saw the name Danny Dimbort up on the credits and nearly threw up — schlock king — shades of Nu Image films.”

“In other words, the metaphorical scheme of The Wolf of Wall Street — a darkly comical indictment of 1% greed and excess by depicting the absurdity of Jordan Belfort‘s shallow, more-more-more, money-lathered lifestyle — went right over Holiday’s head.

Most people digest movies solely in terms of subject matter and emotional warmth. They all say ‘what happens in it?’ and ‘did it make you cry?’ Five or ten percent (if that) say, ‘What was it about? What was the metaphor, the thematic thrust? What did it say about the world out there, about who we are?'”