The premise of Used Guys is fairly clever, with honest-to-God social observation and metaphor behind it. Set in a matriarchal society in which male clones are bought and sold like used cars…wait a minute, this sounds like The Island. The story revolves around two guys (Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey) who somehow cut themselves loose from the assemby line and try to sort out what being a man has come down to. Emily Mortimer will costar as Stiller’s love interest. (Carrey is going stag?) The only cautionary — okay, disappointing — note in this 20th Century Fox pic, which stars shooting in June, is that Jay Roach (Meet the Fockers/Parents, the Austin Powers films) is directing. That means Used Guys is guaranteed to be right down the middle. It’ll be hip and smart, and it may be funny or very funny or even marginally touching, but it’ll be right down the middle…you know what I mean.