Could The Daily have blown it any worse? That alleged Nikki Finke photo that they posted this morning, taken by Hunter Walker, is reportedly a fake. Finke has told Gawker that it’s not her, and Anne Thompson and TheWrap‘s Sharon Waxman, who both know the Deadline founder, agree.

I suspected right away that the shadowed woman in the car wasn’t Finke. Her eyes are too vulnerable looking. That look she’s giving Walker seems to say, “Oh, no, wait…wait a minute…are you taking a picture of me?” She doesn’t look like a wolverine but some kind of blonde basset hound. She has the eyes of someone cautious, uncertain, a little scared of things. Like someone who works in a pet hospital or a beauty salon. Or who sits around the house and does nothing while her husband works.

In any event you’d think that Walker, apart from being wrong, could have taken a better shot than something this dark and hazy, though a Toyota windshield. Or that The Daily would have checked around before posting it, just to make sure.