In the wake of Anthony Weiner‘s latest texting scandal, his solemn-faced wife Huma Abedin — otherwise known as Hillary Clinton‘s top aide — has announced a separation. There was no other option for her. The man is a fool. Brilliant and impassioned in the political rhetoric realm, but a dude who’s unable to covertly channel his libidinal longings is an embarassment all around.

Somebody wrote this morning that if Weiner had been busted for merely having an affair with a fellow legislator or a campaign worker, he’d probably still be a New York Congressman.

The general response since the news broke is that Weiner, John Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg‘s much-praised doc about Weiner’s political implosion due to his absurdly self-destructive sexting, would have been more interesting if it had been more focused on Huma. Possibly but Huma would’ve never granted the access.

Does Huma’s decision to leave Weiner increase the chances of Weiner being nominated for Best Feature Documentary Oscar? Of course it does.

From my 1.23.16 Sundance Film Festival review:

“And poor, put-upon Huma Abedin, Weiner’s wife and Hillary’s top aide who endured a form of spousal abuse during these two scandals that has rarely been equaled in any area. The looks she gives her husband throughout the film are indescribable.

“All I felt was sympathy for Huma, just as most people felt sympathy for Hillary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal of ’98 and ’99. Almost all politicians have the same ravenous appetites, and almost all men are dogs. All the public asks is that they keep their canine urges private and discreet and consensual. Is that really so hard?”

Weiner, I added, is “mainly about grimly strategizing and growing a tough hide while Weiner’s staff sits around with neutral expressions and his entire life gradually melts into butterscotch pudding. YouTube videos of wildebeests being eaten alive by wild dogs have more human compassion than many of the events and conversations shown in this film. Oh, and the third-act McDonald’s escape run is a classic.

HE commenter Roger Thornhill: “Horn dogs are a dime-a-dozen in the political arena. In this case, I was always more fascinated by long-suffering Huma.

“What did she find attractive about this guy in the first place? I mean, did she get the dick pic treatment when they were dating? Are you telling me her feminine insect antennae didn’t pick up on his narcissism during their courtship? Was she only interested in marrying him to climb the D.C. power structure? Is he her beard? He gets busted a second time for sleazy texting, and she sticks around? As a character for study in a documentary, I think she’s a lot more worthy than Carlos Danger.”