Laszlo Kovacs ‘ death was confirmed to me this morning by Lisa Muldowney of Creative Communication Services, which represents the American Society of Cinematographers. He died Saturday at his home in Beverly Hills.
On 7.18 a Hollywood Reporter story by Carolyn Giardina said that “Martin Scorsese, Dennis Hopper, Mark Rydell, Owen Roizman and Haskell Wexler are slated to be interviewed for inclusion in a new documentary about two of the community’s most influential directors of photography, Laszlo Kovacs and Vilmos Zsigmond.
“In production, Laszlo & Vilmos: The Story of Two Refugees Who Changed the Look of American Cinema is being written and helmed by director of photography James Chressanthis.”
Last night I passed along a Hungarian website report about Kovacs’ apparent passing after attempting to translate the first three paragraphs of the Hungarian story on a website called InterTran. The translation was prettty nutso, but the brief career recap alone indicated the worst. Here’s the precise Hungarian-to-English reading:
She had died Hammersmith Laszlo, the Hungarian bead-roll world camera-man, extended serious illness after first-day at dawn Bung Hills at his home senses kozlemenyeben the Hungarian Cinematographer. His companion HSC. Vagyoczky Tibor cinematographer , the HSC tagja the MTI nek she told me, the heavy-hearted hirt in person the artiste widow of him intimidated with it on the phone. Hammersmith Laszlo ban graduated the Budapest Theater, and Cinematics College cinematographer cook, yet on that year emigrated, ever since in the United States she was alive and panted. Several knew picture cinematographer it had been.”